Dusting off Blended Value

When you work from a commons perspective outward to including the market, as we are doing with the bio-cultural resilience tool, the term Blended Value, coined by my friend and teacher Jed Emerson is still I think the most valuable one around. It is an inclusive value; blended value includes things you would gladly give to, things you would pay for and things you would invest your money and your life in. That’s kind of the coupling mechanism, thinking in operating system terms, which I am these days, for the linkage of the market to the commons that are managed by our partners at UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and their peers and George Wright Society fellow members from national parks around the world. I think Blended Value, a neglected resource as a research site and compendium of Jed and other’s thoughts around this idea, is something that fits in the tool in the category of translation tools.

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