Fair Trace Tool launches campaign furthering innovation to build value in transparent supply chains

Let’s make sure devastating tragedies, like the ones in Bangladesh, will never happen again.

Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have the technology to intervene—and you have the power to help us put it in place. Can you please help us get the word out and share the INDIGENOUS Indiegogo campaign with your networks? This campaign will allow us to share breakthrough technology with other brands and organizations around the globe.

This year, nearly every INDIGENOUS garment comes with a QR code attached that makes it possible for our customers to meet the artisans who make our fashion, see a map of our supply sourcing, and read about the social impact of their purchase. This simple technology, called the Fair Trace Tool ™, was created with the help of our good friends at RSF Social Finance, Worldways Social Marketing, SourceMap, Good World Solutions and the Grameen Foundation.

We are calling on YOU to help make it possible for us to share this technology with fair trade brands that are otherwise unable to afford it. Your donations will also help fund social impact studies that prove the astounding value of fair trade in the lives of artisans and farmers.

We’ve offered some amazing perks for donors, including merchandise, discounts, even a trip to Peru. Check it all out at http://igg.me/at/tracetool.

Supply chain transparency can truly save lives and change our world.
Give a little, give a lot, but please give something. And whatever you do, share it with everyone you know!

Yours in collaboration,
Scott Leonard

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