Monthly Archives: September 2017

Only the passionate & relentless need apply

We’ve got a $75 to $100 a week, 5-7 hours social media gig, telling the story of regenerative reforestation, indigenous wealth creation at market rate over the long term. with can evolve into a role in an event in May called Regenerative about regenerative economy and culture, with the Buckminster Fuller Institute with Amanda Joy Ravenhill leading it, relaunching Space ship earth. It’s the BFI challenge meets Clinton Global Initiative; come like Terragenesis and launch your blockchain for carbon, but the cohort wins, not one winner, and we create the network to help them succeed with funding, support of various kinds, linked to the SDG’s as key markers. UNDP doing creative stuff in Armenia, Georgia and Moldova on this one, too.

This is a ground floor gig on the next big thing. Impact investing will be a part of the Regenerative platform, but its not about impact investing. Hours flexible. Only the passionate need apply.