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New regular interview series starts today!

Recently I interviewed Shaun Paul and Kevin Jones, who are going to establish a new impact investment fund next year. They are both prominent figures in the fields of social capital markets, social entrepreneurship and impact investing, and extremely interesting people to get to know. This site is meant to facilitate dialogue and discussion with partners, larger community and those who are interested in investing in resilience and building both biological and cultural diversity. First highlights from the interviews are presented below.

To start out, let’s let Kevin introduce himself, the diverse ecosystem he lives in and why he actually keeps doing all those things: 

The field of impact investing is not mature yet, but it’s developing at a rapid pace. Here’s Shaun’s take on the current state of the industry and how the framework of resilience fits into the picture.

There are indeed very exciting times ahead in 2014! In the last clip of these first highlights, Shaun looks to the next year and what kind of investors and additional partners we’re looking for to join us.

Thanks for reading and watching! After Christmas we will take a deeper look at resilience. So check back next week or follow us on Twitter.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below or contact Happy Holidays and stay tuned!