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Measuring impact on resilience: A case of the New England fishery

I had the opportunity this summer to spend some time with a Boston-based fish Red's Bestcompany called Red’s Best. Using a unique software platform, Red’s Best works to promote traceability in fisheries as well as the consumption of local, fresh, and diverse fish species from New England waters. During my time with them, I tried to assess the impact their company was having on the resilience of the social-ecological system they operate in. Drawing on information from stakeholder interviews and scientific literature, I built a framework through which to assess their impact on the New England fishery social-ecological system. It was incredibly interesting to see what insights the resilience approach can offer to this both company and the fishing industry, and also to uncover the many challenges of the resilience approach. Key findings are discussed in the attached report.

Measuring the impact of business on the resilience of social-ecological systems: A case study of Red’s Best and the New England fishery

Planting Empowerment succeeds at mobilizing crowd-funding for forestry in Panama with Indigenous Peoples

I was inspired today to learn from the company principals of Planting Empowerment, a social enterprise devoted to reforestation in the Darien Province of Panama, that they were the first Kiva project in Panama and met their capital goals within days of launching their campaign! Proceeds are already being put to work to increased production of plantains which will contribute to a long-term investment in building out community reforestation while also providing a source of near term employment.

Putting Oceans & Fisheries on the Agenda: Accelerating Sustainability in Business for Nature in Crisis

It’s been an energizing and intense week working with project partners around the world to articulate a vision for building the Operating System for the Good Economy that begins with….building biocultural resilience for oceans and fisheries. I am sharing a summary here.

Fisheries Resilience Project Summary

Fisheries industry in Beruwela

Fisheries industry in Beruwela (Photo credit: Dhammika Heenpella / Images of Sri Lanka)