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The role of interdisciplinary data and stories

Microfinance has grown into a multi-billion dollar asset class extending financial services to the world’s poor because sufficient data was made available to investors to unfold a new way to understand risk and opportunity
Well communicated data, science & stories will unleash pent up demand to accelerate investment and business practices  that further resilience in biocultural landscapes.
The Bio-cultural resilience has a goal of not reducing narrative value down to commodity spread sheet value.

I just  gave Alloyssius Attah of Farmerline and Katie Athaide, the Frontier Market Scout assigned to this project, privileges to blog on our place holder site for the biocultural resilience tool. Alloy and I are blogging together here, on his site and on the SOCAP site. This is part of the Oceans Theme with my SOCAP hat on. KDJ

Mapping the Operating System for the Good Economy from Farmerline outward

Working to help an efficient mobile messaging platform that does metrics and evaluation (M&E) while helping entrepreneurs make more money, save money and do their jobs better is where we are starting as we evaluate what part of the Operating System for the Good Economy is already in software. We are doing our experimental pilot of how we work with tech companies with and Alloysius Attah II. His growing platform already has people centered M&E. His goal is to add planet focused M&E functionality. We are also working with NYU journalism student Dezelle Bennett who is running this Indigogo campaign to finance her trip to Ghana to do a video on Farmerline. We have a Frontier Market Scout, Katie Athaide, working on helping Farmerline, too.